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My name is Zachary Bilsky. I am currently residing within the Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village, in N. Hollywood Ca. Thank you HOPE THE MISSION, for providing me a Tiny Home, giving me a safe space to sleep.

This really is such a blessing!

Currently, the residents within the Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village, & myself, have started an initiative called, hope_thewallproject, which can be found on IG, FB, & GoFundMe.

hope_thewallproject has 4 major initiatives already in effect in N. Hollywood.

  1. 'hope_thewall' : A 282ft concrete block wall right outside of the Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village. Built with over 1,000 blocks (Blocks of HOPE). Goal: To re-paint 'hope_thewall' in its entirety, once layers of paint and graffiti have been removed. hope_thewallproject is considering painting 'hope_thewall' a sun yellow. Options are open. Then, HOPE THE MISSION staff, along with 'hope_theteam', & residents who transition from a Tiny Home to permanent housing, can now get their name on, 'hope_thewall'.

  2. 'hope_thehighway' : Our initiative to adopt a portion of the 170 Highway, particularly the Victory Blvd section. To date, hope_thewallproject has spent many volunteer days on 'hope_thehighway', removing 68, 33 gallon bags of trash from the Southbound side of the 170.

  3. 'hope_thegarden' : Our initiative to start a Community Garden, giving the women and men of the Alexandria Park Tiny Home Village a Community Garden to tend to on a daily basis.

  4. 'hope_theteam' : A team of Residential Volunteers that assist in painting 'hope_thewall', as well as maintaining it along the way. 'hope_theteam' members could also volunteer in removing litter from a portion of the 170 Highway (hope_thehighway), particularly the Victory Blvd section. The Residential Volunteers can also tend to a Community Garden daily. Where hope_thewallproject removed 14 bags of trash, on the South West side of the 170, on Victory Blvd. We also removed 10, 55 gallon bags of weeds & shrubs from the area that we now recognize as, 'hope_thegarden'.

All 4 of these can be found on IG as well, so please follow along.

Please, email any questions to


IG: hope_thewallproject

Zachary Bilsky


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