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COVID-19 Update

Posted on 03/26/20

NoHo Neighborhood Council

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
I have had the absolute pleasure of being placed in the position of President of the NoHo Neighborhood Council Board for the past several years. I am proud to lead the 22 other elected board members who are also working to ensure the community is well informed.

In this time of uncertainty, I take it upon myself on behalf of the board, to provide you with important information directly from City Hall. 
We must work together as a community. 

Our lives have been changed momentarily and in some instances, for the rest of our lives. NoHo is one of the most social neighborhoods in our city and we beg you to, for the time being, practice safe social distancing while out for your essential needs. This virus is invisible to the naked eye and does not come with a warning. It is important that you and your loved ones follow the advice at LACITY.ORG.

A roommate is essential to the affordability of living in our community. Please take a few moments to have a discussion with them about social distancing while they are away on essential needs. 

This city continues to coordinate with state, county, and local leadership for as long as this emergency lasts. Our Mayor has been leading Los Angeles to provide accurate information each and every day for all Angelenos and his staff has been available to us, whenever needed. 
If you are in contact, personally, with a first responder, please send them a heart-felt thank you on behalf of our board and community members.

Finally, please rest assured that before this emergency began, our city had been preparing for emergencies of all types and providing free training to stakeholders to help in any type of emergency. 

While this was not a predicted emergency, if there is any city in the country prepared for any type of emergency it is US.

We are Los Angeles! 
We are all in this together.

Thank you, 
Paul Storiale
NoHo Neighborhood Council President

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For the Mayor’s Live Press Conferences at 5:15pm each day, CLICK HERE.
If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911.
Mayor Eric Garcetti's Website: Click Here
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