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The NoHo Neighborhood Council would like to acknowledge that we live, work and play on the traditional land of the Tongva people, past and present, and honor with gratitude the land itself, and the people who have stewarded it throughout the generations.

NoHo Neighborhood Council

Letter to Councilman Krekorian regarding Dangers of Tujunga Ave.

Posted on 07/25/21

NoHo Neighborhood Council

Councilman Krekorian:
The NoHo Neighborhood Council voted in favor to send this letter to you.
We as Board members of the NoHo NC are writing to you regarding public safety issues where over the last several
years, there have been pedestrian and dog fatalities along Tujunga Avenue between Camarillo & Magnolia Blvds., in
North Hollywood. At this time, there are no traffic signals in this area; though there is a single signed crosswalk at
Tujunga and Huston with a user-activated Rapid Flashing Beacon (RFB).
North Hollywood Park is to the west with high density apartment buildings across the street to the east; and there is
an on-ramp to the Hollywood Freeway in this area as well – thus increasing hazards for pedestrians in the area.
North Hollywood Park is where families with children and pets go to enjoy what our community has to offer - not to be
killed in the process of performing this right as Angelinos. There have also been claims on Nextdoor of pedestrian
injuries and a dog getting killed by a vehicle over the last year in this same area.
The fact that this stretch of Tujunga is unusually dangerous has led to city action in the past; notably in 2018 when
LADOT and CD2 implemented a RFB at the corner of Tujunga and Huston, close to an existing private school. NoHo
NC remains appreciative that the city attempted to help manage the conflicts between pedestrians and drivers on this
perilous stretch of road, but the experience of the community illustrates that the RFB has simply not performed up to
what is needed to ensure pedestrian safety. Additionally, the RFB is 0.4 miles from the next signalized intersection to
the north, leaving too many pedestrians to cross at the unmarked crosswalks at Morrison and Otsego.
NoHo NC believes that a safer crossing solution could be a High Intensity Activated Crosswalk Beacon (aka a HAWK
Beacon). HAWK Beacons are user-initiated crosswalks that require a pedestrian to request to cross, like a RFB, but
which then stop traffic to allow safe crossings instead of relying on drivers to yield to a flashing beacon like a RFB. By
signalizing traffic on both sides, HAWK Beacons help to reduce the chance of Driver/Pedestrian conflicts. IN fact, a
2010 study demonstrated that HAWK Beacons reduce Vehicle vs Pedestrian crashes by as much as 69% and all

crashes by as much as 29% when implemented. This stretch of road seems ripe for HAWK Beacons given its unique
If HAWK Beacons are not possible, there are other passive measures that could make the street safer: Speed
Tables, which are basically big Speed Humps, can be targeted to lower the speed of cars to a specific speed limit.
Mid-block chicanes, which are currently being implemented in many Slow Streets neighborhoods, could provide a
visual reminder of the speed limit and a narrowing effect to help cause drivers to slow down. Bollards could be used,
especially in the area near Huston where the road widens but is still nominally one lane, to narrow the roadbed.
Pedestrian Islands could be introduced in the wide turn lane that runs the length of the street to provide visual
indications to drivers to slow down and a place for pedestrians to rest if they cannot safely cross.
We on the NoHo NC understand that it is the responsibility of the City Council of Los Angeles to establish measures
be taken to ensure the safety of Angelinos including pets crossing this dangerous street. Therefore, we urge the City
Council to fund and construct through LADOT the following safety features along Tujunga Avenue in this zone by the
installation of traffic calming measures on Tujunga Ave. between Magnolia Blvd. and Camarillo Street as soon as
possible. As community partners and representatives of the stakeholders of NoHo, we are willing to work with all
relevant agencies to find a way to make Tujunga Avenue safe for all users.

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