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Community Impact Statements


A Community Impact Statement (or CIS) is an official public statement or position by a Neighborhood Council in support or opposition to specific matters pending before L.A. City Council, its Committees, or City Commissions.

In 2022, NoHo Neighborhood Council approved and submitted Community Impact Statements on a variety of topics of community interest including the following:

  • Rental Transparency and Accountability Ordinance; Fair Chance Housing Ordinance; Shelters for the Homeless (Support)

  • Motions directing LADOT to report with a proposed permanent Slow Streets program pursuant to AB773; LADOT to report a list of streets recommended for speed limit reduction pursuant to AB43 (Support) 

  • Supporting adoption of AB 1713, which would implement the “Idaho Stop” allowing cyclists to treat stop signs as yield signs in the absence of other traffic (Support)

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