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Join the Board!

We're always looking to add new voices to the conversation! See below for current vacancies and check our boundaries for District maps.

District Representatives

The below openings are based on the four Districts within NoHo. Please see our boundaries for details on District locations. For each District, these are the requirements per position:

  • At-Large Representative: live or work in the corresponding district

  • Business Representative: own, operate, or work at a business in the corresponding district

  • Resident Representative: live in the corresponding district

District 1


Business Representative

District 3


Business Representative


Resident Representative

District 4


Business Representative


The below openings do not depend on location within NoHo. These are the requirements per position:

  • Community Org/Non-Profit Org Representative: work, volunteer, own, or operate an organization or non-profit that in located in or serves the NoHo area

  • Schools Representative: attend, work, or have a child in an educational institution within our boundaries

  • Youth Empowerment Representative: Under the age of 18, live or attend school in the NoHo area


Community Org/Non-Profit Org Representative


Schools Representative


Youth Empowerment Representative


Our positions are all volunteer-based, so you can get as involved as you like. We do require board members to attend our General Board Meeting monthly. This is usually a 3-hour commitment. We ask our board members to get involved with at least two of our Committees to help make an impact on our strategy, as well as attend local Events (when able).

If we are approaching an election, you can apply to run for the board through the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment website.

Otherwise, applications can be done via our Contact Page, and someone from our board will reach out to learn more about you and your interest in the NoHo community. If it sounds like a good fit, your nomination goes to the full board for a vote.

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