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Outreach Committee


The NoHo Neighborhood Council Outreach Committee

What: Outreach Committee Meeting
Where: ZOOM. Please see the link on the Calendar
When: 1st Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm

Andrea Ciannavei, Co-Chair
Jillian Burgos, Co-Chair
Hunter Gibson, Vice Chair
Hannah Jaeger, Secretary
Landon Popadic

Rob McGrath, Alternate

Maria Sosyan, Ex. Officio

The Outreach Committee is the heartbeat of the NoHo Neighborhood Council.

Our Goal: 


  • To inform stakeholders and the community at large about board meetings, committee meetings, elections, and community projects.

  • To interact with stakeholders at community events and learn more about the neighborhood's concerns.

  • To encourage active participation from stakeholders who live, work, or are interested in the NoHo Neighborhood.

  • To grow our audience segment to include representation of Youth who live, work, and play in the NoHo Community.

All of our meetings are COMMUNITY MEETINGS, meaning they are OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN.

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