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Board Members & Officers


Jillian Burgos

Jillian Burgos is an Arts Organization Representative.

She has dedicated her life to serving her community. She is a Licensed Optician and a small business owner of an interactive murder mystery theatre company Dainty Dames Events. She jumped headfirst into local government and was elected to the NoHo Neighborhood Council in 2021, and shortly after as Treasurer, Chair of Housing and Services Committee (formerly the Homeless Committee) and Vice Chair for Outreach. Her most recent accomplishments include creating a Tenant Rights Workshop and Housing Crisis Workshop in partnership with The City of Los Angeles, SAJE, and Abundant Housing LA.


Jillian continues to passionately work to cultivate a community of kindness that works for all people with an emphasis in finding sustainable solutions to help people who are experiencing

homelessness and address other housing issues..

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