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New Park: A Letter from NoHo NC

The border of North Hollywood (left, dead grass) and Burbank (right, green grass & trees).

NoHo needs more open space. No North Hollywood resident should have to go to another city in order to experience a park.

The NoHo Neighborhood Council recently drafted a letter that instructed the city to work amongst its departments to better utilize the space located along Whitnall Highway. This location is currently a vacant lot outside of an LADWP facility. Burbank residents are able to enjoy a park along the same stretch under the same power lines. Why can’t LA?

The parcel in question used to host a parking lot, as pictured above, which was later demolished. It now sits empty and decaying. We hope to share any updates we receive as we await a response.

Read our full letter below:

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What a great idea! Yes please.

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