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Traffic & Safety Concerns on Lankershim

In response to stakeholder concerns about recent and continuing challenges to traffic flow on Lankershim Blvd between Calfia and Emelita St, the NoHo Neighborhood Council has been working with Paul Krekorian's office to find solutions. Traffic has been impaired due to the new Door Dash Kitchen, as well as the existing In-N-Out Burger and Honda locations. The City Council office has been working with LADOT Official to investigate remedies to help stop illegal usage of the roadways. LADOT sent these updates:

"The In-N-Out No Left Turn signage work orders have been released and the signs will be installed after fabrication."
"The Door Dash bollards are in the queue to be investigated."

By restricting Left Turns and installing Bollards, we hope some traffic and safety issues will be mitigated. We'd like to envision improvements to the corridor together, and will continue to work with the City Council office and LADOT to make it work for businesses, patrons, and residents.



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