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Al Fresco Dining in NoHo

Have you noticed changes to the NoHo Arts District? The NoHo Neighborhood Council was alerted to the changes to Magnolia's Al Fresco Dining presence by a stakeholder last night. We immediately reached out to our CD2 office partners who confirmed that several businesses along the corridor wished to withdraw from the Al Fresco dining program, which has provided amazing outdoor dining opportunities for so many of our community members. The lack of a continuous dining area led to the end of the program in its current form.

We are disappointed to not have been included in the conversation, and implore the community to reach out to the CD2 office to express your thoughts on the matter. Our district rep is Shannan Calland <> and the Director of Community Improvement is Jackie Keene <>. We will be adding this as an agenda item to our April General Board Meeting to hear from the community and decide on what action we can take.


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