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Lime Boundaries Remedied

First/last mile trips are important in NoHo, especially due to our proximity to the B and G Metro lines. Part of those trips are taken by rental scooters like Lime.

When part of our district (along the Burbank boundary) started to experience "no-ride zones", we got to work on fixing these issues. In September of 2022, NoHo NC worked with our City Council office to contact Lime and get these geofencing issues resolved, so that all residents of NoHo can use micro-mobility solutions, wherever they live. The NoHo NC recently remedied the same problem last month in July of 2023, removing a "slow zone" that was impeding the same area.

This is an example of a problem you can solve by joining your neighborhood council. If you live, work, attend school, or volunteer with an organization that serves the NoHo neighborhood, we'd love to have you join our board! Learn more on our Join page.

Check out this before/after!


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