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Slow Streets approved in NoHo!

Exciting news! At our last General Board Meeting, the NoHo Neighborhood Council unanimously approved the plans for two Slow Streets implementations in our districts. Huge thank you to LADOT for the efforts behind these plans, and to our stakeholders for your feedback during this process. We're hoping to hear news soon as far as a timeline for groundbreaking. See plans below:

Since our survey revealed that there is interest to expand this program to other sites, we hope to continue the conversation with LADOT and find more opportunities to make NoHo a safer neighborhood for all. Find some information about our Outreach Campaign and Survey Results below:

Interested in Slow Streets in your neighborhood? Have other ideas for a safer NoHo? Always feel free to reach out with any thoughts. Want to join the NoHo Neighborhood Council to help make positive impacts like these on your community? There's still time to apply! Learn more at


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