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Streetlight Repair Report

Below, find a summary of the state of Streetlight Repairs according to L.A. City Bureau of Street Lighting, within the NoHo Neighborhood Council bounds, as of May 11, 2023:

A map of currently open Streetlight Repair Requests in NoHo.


  • There were 97 Open Single Light and 145 Open Multiple Light Streetlight Repair Requests. These requests may include physical failures, damages, and vandalism (theft of copper wiring, etc.).

  • The 6 streets with the most Open Streetlight Repair Requests were: Lankershim, Magnolia, Vineland, Tujunga, Chandler, and Otsego.

  • The median number of days a request had been pending was 106, or 4 months.

  • Note that about 28% of Open Streetlight Repair Requests may have been duplicates submitted via MyLA311 by North Hollywood residents for the same Single or Multiple Streetlight outage.

Closed Requests

  • From April 11 - May 11, 9 Single Light and 47 Multiple Light Streetlight Repair Requests were closed.

  • The average number of days from date reported to date closed for Single or Multiple Streetlight Repair Requests was 145-days or about 5-months.

  • The 6 streets with the most Closed Streetlight Repair Requests were: Satsuma, Bucknell, Ben, Burbank, Gentry, and Radford.

Our Streetlight Repair Requests data is from the publicly available Bureau of Street Lighting "MyLA311 Streetlight Service Request Data" dataset posted on the City of L.A. Open Data Portal.

Historical Data


How to Report a Streetlight Outage

Single and Multiple Streetlight Repair Requests may be submitted via 3-1-1 for non-emergency L.A. City services.

  • APP: Download MyLA311 App for Android or iPhone devices

  • PHONE: From within L.A. City limits, dial 3-1-1 to connect with the 3-1-1 call center

  • WEBSITE: Online self-service at


Copper Wire Theft & Protecting Our Streetlights

According to a 6/28/2022 article in the L.A. Times, a pilot program is underway to fortify electrical boxes in the San Fernando Valley to limit the theft of copper wire from municipal light poles.

To steal copper wire, thieves break into city-owned electrical boxes and rip the wires out. This causes a backlog of streetlight repairs that can sometimes be delayed by months according to city officials.

The pilot program will help camouflage electric boxes, so that they will blend in with the sidewalk. Crews also will bury some electrical boxes and cover them with steel and cement. Access points will be welded shut to make it more difficult for thieves to get to the copper wire.

This program is expected to go citywide, as the Bureau of Street Lighting plans to invest $11 million into fortifying the City’s 220,000 streetlights.


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